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Generate a free vCard (.vcf file) using our convenient vCard generator.

A vCard is the standard file format (.vcf ) for electronic business cards and is widely used to import and export "contacts" to address books both online and within desktop environments. These files are recognized by the .vcf file extension. vCard generator tools allow users to easily create and manage these digital business cards. vCards are often attached to e-mail messages but can also be exchanged in various other ways, such as embedding them into a QR codes and websites or sharing them on social services. The vCard format has undergone multiple revisions, with the most recent being vCard 4.0.

Using a vCard simplifies the process of sharing your contact information. With a vCard, you can:

  • Easily Share Contacts: vCards can be attached to emails, embedded in websites, or shared via social media, making it simple for others to import your contact details.
  • Professional Presentation: A vCard presents your contact information in a standardized, professional format that is universally recognized and easily imported into digital address books.
  • Wide Compatibility: vCards are compatible with a variety of devices and platforms, including iPhone, Android, and most email clients and contact management systems.
  • Convenience: Generate a vCard once and use it repeatedly, ensuring consistency and saving time when sharing your contact details.

Its easy, use the vCard generator form below, verify via the preview, then download your vCard, QR code etc.

  • Fill Out the Form: Use the form below to input your contact details, such as name, phone number, email address, company, and job title.
  • Preview Your vCard: View a live preview of your vCard and QR code to ensure all information is correct and formatted properly.
  • Download Your vCard: Once satisfied, download your vCard (.vcf file) to your device.
    Share Your vCard: Attach your vCard to emails, download a QR code for easy sharing or embed it on your website. 

Creating a vCard for your iPhone is straightforward with our vCard generator. Follow the steps above to create and download your vCard. Once downloaded, you can easily import it into your iPhone's Contacts app. Simply open the .vcf file on your iPhone, and the device will automatically recognize it, allowing you to add the contact to your address book with a few taps.

For added convenience, our vCard generator also provides an option to create a QR code that contains your vCard. This allows you to:

  • Quickly Share Contact Information: Scan the QR code to instantly import contact details.
  • Use in Print and Digital Media: Include the QR code on business cards, flyers, or digital signatures for easy sharing.
  • Enhance Networking: Simplify the process of exchanging contact information at events or meetings by having others scan your QR code.

Please use the vCard generator form to create your own Virtual Business Card. Then verify your contact info via the Previews and download your vCard, QR code, etc.

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